About Tender Graft

Who We Are

Tender Graft is a Landscaping and Garden Management business serving private clients and local businesses in Saddleworth and nearby areas, where it has been growing its reputation since 2015.

We love beautiful green spaces, and we know how much they can enhance lives, support businesses, and make people happy.

We understand and care about your garden and offer to provide you with gardening and landscaping as we would want them for ourselves.

As our name reflects, we graft hard for our clients and garden with tenderness.

Our Values

We are strongly value-based and you will find that our hallmarks are passion, attention to detail, integrity, diligence, and horticultural good practice.

We take seriously our responsibilities to the local community, to the environment and to the public interest. We place value on our own skills and Professional Development and it’s with pride that we hold membership of well-known professional organisations and schemes such as the Horticultural Trades Association, the Association of Professional Landscapers, and Trustmark. These memberships also allow you to check our credentials and give you the peace of mind that our work and business practices meet appropriate standards and are subject to inspection by well-respected industry bodies.

Our Philosophy

Hands On Horticulture

There really is no replacement for a skilled pair of hands. Whereas many garden maintenance businesses base their trade around volume of contracts and the use of power tools, at Tender Graft we take a different approach.

We believe that in the long term, a good job well done and skilled hand work can at least match and often out-perform mechanical approaches for many aspects of your garden care in terms of the beauty of the result and the value for money. For example, a shrub subjected to a good annual pruning regime may only need brief attention once a year to stay in good condition for a long time and flower beautifully. Therefore, whilst we sometimes take a mechanised approach, we often work with hand tools, so that we can really attend to getting the detail right for you.

Greener Gardening

Whether you want a complete garden revamp or to cheer up a tired planting scheme, Tender Graft can (re)create your sanctuary for you, using neat working practices and curating your garden’s existing assets along the way. Unlike many contractors, we won’t necessarily strip out and throw away good soil or salvageable plants, and if you are having building work done we may be able to suggest ways in which you can minimise any incidental damage to your living outside space. By making the most of what you already have we hope to offer you the choice of a more environmentally-friendly landscaping service, and reducing waste saves disposal costs too. Tender Graft can also support you with the aftercare of your project, because we know how often this can be missed, leading to a poor result and expensive replacement costs. Instead, we can provide aftercare so that your garden continues to thrive, develops over time, and gives you pleasure for as long as possible. We love to suggest bird, bee and bug-friendly planting and management ideas, and when it comes to pest control and plant health management, we have lots of environmentally-friendly tricks up our sleeves, saving you the cost and risk of using chemicals.

Plant Focus

Tender Graft is plant-focused and this means that even when we carry out hard landscaping work for you we are mindful of looking after your soil and plants. It makes us sad to see some building and landscaping companies treat these living assets with indignity, because we know that damage to soils and plants can take many years to put right. We continually take the time to train and to learn about horticultural science from the Royal Horticultural Society and other sources and whilst we can never know everything(!), we are always happy to share with you what we know.