“Finally managed to get out and have a proper look this morning. Really pleased, the garden always looks fab after a Tender Graft visit!”

A landscaping and maintenance customer from Mossley
“Hi Sarah, did you trim my lawn this morning? If so, how? (silently!) If not, why is it looking so neat? Thanks for today esp. weeding the drive!”
A garden maintenance customer from Grasscroft

“The garden looks so much better after your afternoon here.”

A maintenance customer from Dobcross

“Thank you to all of you for your sterling work. I have walked around this lunch time and admired it all”

A garden renovation customer from Diggle

“Just wanted to say how much I love the front garden. Thanks so much for your skill and patience. I really appreciate everything you’ve done. Thanks again.”

A landscaping customer from Greenfield

“Thanks for a great job! Got most of my veg in now 😊”

A customer from Uppermill