Garden Management

We cover most aspects of garden maintenance from care of borders and ornamental trees to skilled pruning, tubs and baskets and seasonal lawn care. We will carry out specific tasks to your requirements, or as your personal ‘head gardener’ will care for the long term beauty and functionality of your space.

You may have specific tasks in mind for us, such as a specialist pruning task or the care of a particular border. Whether you are time poor, or a knowledgeable gardener who needs practical help with heavy tasks, or someone who has plenty of enthusiasm but needs guidance, we would love to help make that skilled difference that really delivers for you the garden you want. Our services include the establishment and care of borders, perennials and shrubs and the pruning and care of shrubs small to medium-sized ornamental trees. We offer training and pruning, soil care, weeding, help with composting, division and transplantation and pesticide-free pest and disease control. We will tend to your tubs and baskets and undertake hedge and lawn care. We can also manage your garden completely for you.

Tubs & Baskets


Help with Growing Vegetables

In a large vegetable plot or herbaceous border


Tackling Problems

We can help to work out what is leading to problems in your garden, and have lots of wildlife-friendly tricks for tackling the causes.

We also work to stay up to date with emerging biosecurity threats, because we don’t want to unwittingly spread new pests and diseases. For this reason we only supply plants from reputable sources. Our HTA & APL membership and the fact that we keep an eye on news from bodies such as Defra and the RHS help us to do this.


Weeds & Alien Invaders

We have also got ‘previous’ in the management of invasive plants – like the smelly American Skunk Cabbage (it lives up to its name!)

It may sound strange, but we actually rather like weeding! We always try to get unwanted plants out by the roots. We identify weed tree seedlings with their roots and remove them. We just don’t like to just leave them to turn into trees!


Wildlife Friendly Planting

Wildlife friendly gardening is something we love to share with our gardens and their owners. We prefer cultural control methods and avoid the use of pesticides and herbicides.


Wildlife Gardening

If you have some woodland we’ll help you to enhance it. We can help you to encourage frogs, birds, butterflies and bees.


Preparing Waste for Composting

If you would like to compost more, we would love to help you, and your garden will thrive on all those lovely nutrients. It’s a very ecologically friendly way to dispose of your waste, too.



Border management – dividing and moving perennials then replanting.


Love colour? Put your hands together for riotous borders.


Shrub Care



It was our pleasure to manage this wildlife pond by keeping the filter clean , managing the nutrient levels and maintaining the plants. It’s a popular spot with the local frogs.

Cutting back unwanted growth and removing leaves and sludge, we always leave recently removed pond material nearby so that any invertebrates can make their way back to the water.

A pond adds interest and life to any garden.

Your Personal Head Gardener

Gardens don’t stay the same. Whether or not people intervene, they will change and develop over time. Trees will grow and change views, plants will establish, propagate themselves perhaps, become older and die.

We’ve been gardening for a long time so we understand the value of looking ahead, sometimes by many years. We can suggest ways of working with you to develop your garden so that it gives you the best possible enjoyment and function now and in the future.

Personal Head Gardener

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